Analog Photography Festival Network

The Analog Photography Festival Network (APFN) is an international union of festivals dedicated to analog photography and techniques.

Bringing together representatives of nine founding member festivals from Austria, France, Finland, Germany, Macedonia, Mexico, Poland, Romania and Spain, APFN had its first official Meet & Mix meeting at Revela´T Festival (Spain) in September 2022.

APFN is committed to provide a platform to exchange experiences and best practices, expand existing audiences and find ways for a greater recognition of the analog renaissance.

The next Meet & Mix meeting is scheduled to take place the month of April 2023 in Romania, as part of Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture 2023.

Festivals members of the APFN from A to Z:

Analog Mania (Romania)

Analog Sport Festival (France)

Helsinki Darkroom Festival (Finland)

AnalogueNow (Germany)

Oaxaca Estenopeica (Mexico)

Revela`T (Spain)

Rotlicht Festival (Austria)

Vintage Photo Festival (Poland)

Zrno Festival (Macedonia)